How do I sell machinery on AuctionsPlus?

Want to sell machinery on AuctionsPlus?

There are two options for selling Machinery on AuctionsPlus:

  1. List items in one of our Fortnightly multi-vendor machinery auctions
  2. Run your own single or multi-vendor sale

The AuctionsPlus Fortnightly Multi-Vendor Auction runs for three days per auction, starting every second Monday at 9:00 am with the timer commencing the following Wednesday at 4:00 pm.

Click here to view our listing fees.

All items sold on AuctionsPlus must be listed through a licensed agent. The agent will handle pre-auction inquiries, discuss your reserve prices, manage the delivery and facilitate payment for the goods. 

To find an agent, you can search our database here.

If you are an agent and have all the details ready to go, you can fill out the machinery booking form here to get started, and our Machinery Sales team will be in contact with you to discuss and confirm your sale.