Coordinating a Stud Sale with A+

Best Practice for Sale Day Operations when Interfacing a Stud or Saleyard sale with AuctionsPlus

When interfacing a special sale with AuctionsPlus, it's important to keep in mind the following:

  • Have an available agent who can be on the phone for the duration of the sale - this person will relay bids and bid on behalf of any online buyers
  • Confirm start prices, bid increments and any withdrawn lots at least 1 hour before the sale is due to commence
  • When audio streaming, have a spare mobile phone that is used to dial into a conference call line. Ensure you call our office to test the streaming 1 hour prior to the sale
  • Wear earphones with an embedded microphone to ensure a better quality call, allowing A+ to hear the auctioneer through the call and save you repeating prices
  • If an online bid is relayed to you, bid on behalf of AuctionsPlus and then confirm whether A+ holds the bid or if it is held onsite
  • If you happen to drop out during the phone call - ensure you call the AuctionsPlus sale contact back immediately
  • Post-sale, organise for A+ to email the purchaser details to the relevant sale contacts
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If you'd like additional information regarding facilitating a sale with A+ - please email our team at