The Dispute Process - How do I make a claim?

If you have a query, concern, dispute or a misdescription, AuctionsPlus or the selling agent must be notified IN WRITING within 48 hours of the stock walking off the truck at the purchaser’s property.

Provide as much information as you can and include photos or videos where possible.

  • Sale number:
  • Date:
  • Lot number:
  • Stock departure of the vendors property time:
  • Stock arrival at your property time:
  • The nature of the claim: (as specific as possible)
  • Ideal outcome:

Discussing with the selling agent often leads to a swift and amicable resolution, however the notification in writing is important in case negotiations fail for any reason.

Failure to negotiate a resolution, within 14 days from being raised, means the dispute will lead to Arbitration. Each party will have to pay $1,000 to convene the panel. The value of the sale will be held in a trust by AuctionsPlus. An independent assessment will be made which will then be taken to the arbitration panel (3), the members of which are not disclosed.

Determination of arbitration panel is final and binding.