How do I install Flash Player to listen / watch an auction?

I am trying to watch a special sale with video & audio and the video/audio isn't working?

In an interfaced auction, with video and/or audio streaming you must enable flash player in order to play our streaming. 

Please see instructions for how to enable the Flash Player Plugin below:

  1. Connect to the Auction
  2. Find the audio or video streaming platform. It will look like the picture below with blue hyperlinks. 
  3. Click on "Install Flash"

  4. Flash will be blocked on this webpage, so you need to allow the plugin to ask to run the flash player. The blocked plugin symbol is located on the right-hand side of the search bar and looks like the symbol below.

  5. Click on the plugin symbol and then hit "Manage"

  6. This will bring up the settings page and in order to make the plugin work turn "Ask First" bar on. 

  7. Go back to the auction
  8. Click "Install Flash" again
  9. Then click "Allow" on the popup to run flash.

  10. The streaming platform will then load, and all you need to do is press play to tune in. 

Installing Flash Player

  1. If you do not have flash on your computer, you will need to download it. When clicking "Install Flash" you will be prompted to download flash player from Adobe. 
  2. It will open a new tab on the Adobe page asking you to download flash
  3. Hit the yellow "Download"
  4. This will then start a download on your computer and once completed and clicked on will open the installation wizard
  5. Let the installing process take place
  6. Once completed go back to the auction and follow above steps for allowing the flash plugin.