Case Study: Progeny Breed Dispute

Under the AuctionsPlus User Agreement & Sale Terms, 48 hours from delivery is the timeframe in which AuctionsPlus or the selling Agent must receive written notification of an issue in order for the claim to be covered, with the exception of misdescribed progeny breeds, which must be notified within a reasonable time frame of the claimed mis-description offspring being born.

Claims must be supported by evidence, and in the case of a progeny breed dispute, photographs or videos of the offspring are required. This can assist with conversations with the selling agent and our standard process would involve the purchaser and the selling agent first attempting to negotiate an outcome, once calving/lambing has completed and the extent of the issue determined.

If a resolution cannot be reached, the matter is referred to arbitration. Arbitration involves an independent panel reviewing the details of the dispute as well as the initial assessment being compared to an independent assessment to determine an outcome.

With regards to a Progeny Breed dispute, the below clause applies;