Can I buy just one animal?

I would like to purchase a certain number of animals.

When bidding on AuctionsPlus, you are agreeing to the purchasing the lot as it is nominated in the Catalogue. 

This means you cannot stipulate the number of head you are purchasing - this is dictated by the seller as to the lot size. 

For example: if bidding on 15 Angus steers, you are agreeing to purchase 15 steers. 

Remember, you are liable for any and all bids placed on our platform. It is critical you read the assessment or sale catalogue to ensure you can meet the selling agent's terms and conditions of sale. 

Please note: when a lot consists of livestock, the Vendor may deliver between 95% and 105% of the number of head listed for sale.This means there is a tolerance on the number of head delivered of +/- 5%. 

You will only be invoiced for the number of head delivered.