Bidding on Stock with Progeny at Foot

What is the bid price when bidding on cows & calves or ewes & lambs

Many lots of livestock on AuctionsPlus are listed as adult stock with progeny at foot i.e. lines of cows & calves or ewes & lambs. 

When bidding on these articles, the bid price you pay is per unit.

If the number of progeny exceeds the number of females in the lot, the per unit price is based off the number of females (ewes or cows/heifers) unless otherwise disclosed by the selling agent. 

For example, the purchaser of the lot below, has paid $233/head at auction for this line. 

As there is 200 ewes in the lot, they would be invoiced for $233 x 200 = $46,600 (plus GST)

Please ensure to review the full assessment prior to bidding.