Assessors can now offer to scan and complete NLIS transfer

Many agents will do this at buyer request as an add-on service, particularly when stock being moved off their PIC is particularly critical to their vendor.

Now assessors can nominate in their assessment if they are willing to provide this service, and any associated cost. This will be reliant on the Buyer requesting the service - we suggest confirming this in writing.

P2P transactions experience lower compliance than other transaction types. Many buyers do not have scanners; and sometimes there is confusion on who bears the responsibility if an agent purchases on behalf of a client. If you will be present at Delivery anyway, it can be a quick and easy way to generate more income from the sale - many buyers are willing to pay for the convenience.

There is no obligation for any agent to offer this service, nor will you be penalised for not doing so. Unless stated, the standard NLIS rules remain in place - transferring is the buyer's responsibility.