What is involved in AuctionsPlus Stud Sales?

We provide comprehensive livestock listings and na­tional stud sale auction services. Leveraging the power of digital innovation allowing you to build your stud brand nationally and attract more buyers. Ensuring studs receive the recognition they deserve.

When stud livestock buyers think online livestock sales, chances are they think ‘AuctionsPlus’ first as its the most trusted and widely used online livestock marketplace in Australia.

AuctionsPlus offers tailored packages to suit your audience. As part of the package your sale catalogue will be transformed into a digital handbook and distributed to our network of 12,000 subscribers.

The stud handbook also receives additional social media marketing through our growing network of online followers, friends and influencers. Selecting any of the stud packages also triggers a 50% discount on standard ads and a 20% discount on all other digital advertising opportunities throughout our website. Please ask for our latest Media Kit for more information.

Finally, all sale day results will be bundled up into a comprehensive post-sale report for you to distribute onto stud staff, clients or potential buyers. 

Please click here to view the 2021 Interfaced Sale Pricing Schedule.

Our specialised stud operations team are available at studsales@auctionsplus.com.au or 02 9262 4222.