What do all these different parts of my account mean?

There are a number of identifying features to every account on the AuctionsPlus system. 

APID - AuctionsPlus ID number, a unique identifying number on your account. This number helps us track different user roles on the system. 

As a vendor, you can link your APID to any assessment for stock you are selling. 

As an Assessor or Delivery Agent, you will have an APID number to enter which tracks assessments to your account. 

As a buyer, all purchases are also linked to your APID.


Your usercode is simply a different method of logging in to AuctionsPlus which is simpler than your email address. 

Once you upgrade to a buyer, your usercode becomes personalised, prior to this it is automatically generated. 

You can use either your email or usercode to login - they are interchangeable. 

Your usercode is also not case sensitive, meaning you can enter it in either caps or lower case letters.