Temperament (Cattle)

The below descriptions outline AuctionsPlus Temperament Descriptors:

Docile: Settled and somewhat dull disposition. Gentle and easily handled, moves slowly when in a mob, needs encouragement to move away from handler. Cattle easily handled individually in yards and paddock, without eagerness to return to mob. Does not pull on headgate when in crush and exits calmly.

Quiet: Displaying a quiet & calm disposition. Cattle easily handled individually and in mob. Handler in control at all times. May exhibit some stubbornness. Exits crush promptly, may try to back out of crush, pull on head gate and some flicking of tail.

Slightly Stirry: Manageable but impatient and moves quickly. Handling individually increases nervous behaviour and exhibits clear signs of eagerness to return to mob. Handler in control when handled in a mob. Reluctant to stand quietly in crush, tail flicking, repeated pushing and pulling on headgate. Exits crush briskly.

Stirry: Out of control and jumpy. Struggles and clearly uncomfortable when handled in a mob. Runs fenceline and may jump when penned individually. Continuous tail flicking and bellowing in crush. Large flight distance, exits crush wildly. Considered scared of human interaction rather than aggressive. Not recommended for inexperienced handlers.

Aggressive: Aggressive behaviour, fearful, extreme agitation. Continuous movement when handled in a mob, disrupts handling of other cattle in mob. May exhibit attack behaviour when handled alone. May jump or continuously bellow while in crush. Exits crush frantically.