What sample size is required on my assessment?

Sample Size Requirements

The sample size is a representative sample to determine low, high and average weight and fat scores, which is included in Individual Assessments on AuctionsPlus.

To be catalogued, your assessment must include a minimum of 50% Cattle and 10% Sheep being handled.

If you have not met the minimum requirement, your lot will not be catalogued and you'll be up for an uncomfortable conversation with your client.

Our RECOMMENDATION remains that 100% of cattle, and a minimum of 20% of sheep are handled at assessment.

Sample Size will be considered in regular Assessment Audits and Assessor Level reviews - our expectation is that the Recommended number will be handled in the majority of assessments. 

Remember - the more you assess, the more accurate your assessment will be, and the more confidence buyers will have in bidding on your lot.