Photo's & Video's - Tips for Assessors

AuctionsPlus recommend when possible using a high-quality camera to take photos and videos - as they are both a critical aspect of your assessment. 
  • Position yourself at the same level as the animal, or slightly lower - shoulder height is ideal
  • Ensure stock are in full sun or full shade - it is difficult to take quality photos in partial light. Avoid shadows.
  • Position yourself with the sun behind you
  • When assessing sheep, include photos of wool (opened fleeces, length indicators) 
  • Include photos of mouths to confirmed dentition
  • Calm stock photograph better - stay out of their flight zone
  • Landscape oriented pictures present better
  • Avoid photographing single animals, unless highlighting an attribute mentioned in the assessment. Including a photograph of a visual attribute does not mean you should leave it out of the written description. 
  • Take plenty of photos, and upload the best quality ones
  • When taking video footage, let the animals walk past you - do not move the camera past/around the animals (a tripod or mount helps)
  • Do not adjust zoom while taking video footage - set zoom before commencing
  • Video footage is a good opportunity to market stock by including a verbal description
  • Watch language in videos - or better still, mute the video or put a song over the top!

Photos and videos are a critical aspect of the assessment.

Ensure they are of good quality and a true representation of the lot. 

Produced with the assistance of Clear Vision Imaging.