My Assessor Accreditation has expired, how can I reactivate it?

At least one (1) assessment must be completed annually in order to keep your accreditation current. Failing to complete an assessment within a 12 month period will result in deactivation and you must apply to regain accreditation. 

Accredited Assessors cannot complete parallel assessments to maintain their accreditation. Only assessments lodged and offered on the AuctionsPlus system in the Assessor’s own name will count towards maintaining their accreditation.

Reactivation Requirements

AuctionsPlus requirements for reactivating Assessor Accreditation vary depending on the timeframe that has passed since an active Accreditation was held. The requirements listed below are applicable per species.

      • <1 year since active accreditation
          • Complete a short refresher exam
      • 1-2 years since active accreditation
          • Complete online accreditation exam
      • 3-4 years since active accreditation
      • 4+ years since active accreditation           
        • Complete all steps of AuctionsPlus’s Assessor Accreditation process:
          • Attend a Training Course
          • Complete Parallel Assessments (only 4 required per species)
          • Submit application, signed off by a Level 1 Training Endorsed Assessor
          • Complete an Online Exam