How does the timer work?

All simultaneous auctions (meaning all lots are available at one time) conclude via a timer system.

Once the timer is visible at the top of the auction it controls the auction finishing – dependent on bidding activity. The timer will count down towards zero, from the nominated time (e.g. 60 seconds), and if no bids are placed, the auction will close.

Every time a bid is placed, on any lot in that auction, the timer will restart and begin to count down again. The auction closes together, meaning all lots remain available until the sale finishes.

If you are bidding in a sale and holding a lot, it will remain green and then turn red if you are outbid. Once outbid, you have the time left shown on the timer to decide if you will place another bid before the auction could close.

An example of bidding is shown below.

The image on the left shows a user who is holding Lot 001.

In the image on the right, the user has been outbid, and now has the opportunity to bid again.



If there is frequent bidding activity during a sale, the sale can continue running, and AuctionsPlus cannot guarantee when a sale may conclude.

Auction messages will be shown down the bottom of the screen, and on occasion we may have to delay the timer and hold the auction open if a bidder(s) are having issues connecting. If this has to occur, (which is rare) the delay will be kept as minimal as possible.