Delivery Fields

Delivery for AuctionsPlus sales is as per your nominated delivery point, when the stock walk onto the truck. 

To provide confidence to interstate buyers, offering to organise stock to be weighed at the nearest weighbridge gives the buyer an assurance on weight at delivery. 

Delivery Points

  • Expand and specify the pick up location and detail the distance/direction from a on farm, 15km south west of Boyanup on Railway Road. 
  • Consider delivering small mobs to a central location E.g. X saleyards

Nearest Delivery Town

  • Select the nearest central or well known area
  • Keep in mind your buyer may not be from the area, and nominating a major centre allows them to make an educated decision

Trucking Access

  • B-double accessible or other?
  • Think about loading facilities on-farm and specify any local road restrictions

Delivery Comments

  • Any other comments - e.g. road train access, wet weather access, no delivery on Sunday, 24 hours notice required

Weighing Instructions

  • If offered c/kg live weight. this is set by you and your vendor. Be specific on where they will be weighed and at what terms.

  • eg weigh full less 5% at xxx Weighbridge

  • To be weighed after overnight wet curfew at xxx saleyards, pickup by 9am.