What is an autobid?

An autobid is placed after the auction has commenced, allowing you to set a maximum price on any lot(s) during the auction, to which the computer will then bid on your behalf.

The advantage of an autobid, is that you can determine what the starting price is and then set your maximum price or set the autobid if the auction is still running and you have to step away.

We also recommend considering the use of an autobid during an interfaced sequential auction. When a sale has a physical component as well, the lots can be sold very quickly and using an autobid is the best way of enabling AuctionsPlus to relay the bid to ensure it is accepted by the auctioneer.

AuctionsPlus highly recommend that you watch the Auction to ensure your bids are on the correct increment, and that you are not outbid by another bidder.

An auto-bid does not guarantee you will be the successful bidder at your set price. 

To place an autobid; 

  1. Log in to AuctionsPlus
  2. Connect to the Auction
  3. Find the lot you are interested in (ensure you have read the full lot details before placing a bid)
  4. Use the Auto-bid box to type in your Maximum price.
  5. Click "Apply" to save.

For information on max bids, please see here.