LivestockBI: My Insights

Find all the information here about LivestockBI 'My Insights'.

  • ‘My insights’ analyses the data you entered in ‘my inventory’ and compares it to similar sales that have sold on AuctionsPlus to give you an indication of the worth of your stock in the current market.
  • If the farm you entered is not being shown in the dropdown from ‘select farm’ then please click ‘Reset Filters’ which will reboot the system and bring up any new data you may have entered.
  • For the example above I have selected Dozer paddock from the AuctionsPlus farm.
  • The ‘Confidence Level’ gauge shows the confidence of the data returned. The confidence level is a statistical calculation that reflects the amount of data and how closely it is aligned to the data that has been input. Therefore, a low or medium confidence reflects a lower amount of similar data than a high confidence and should be considered when reflecting on the average price received.
  • The ‘Search Result Matches’ gauge reflects the amount of sold lines on AuctionsPlus that are similar to the input data, which have been brought up at the bottom of the page. This gauge is a lot broader than the confidence gauge and represents the results returned at the bottom of the page where you can access the full assessment.
  • Then there is the average price listed for the stock you have entered, which is an estimate for their current worth based on similar sales. Please note this is just an estimate and further consultation with your agent is advised before relying solely on this data.
  • Below the gauges there is a description of the data entered for reference.
  • There is then a table that reports for the last 90 days the price trends for min/max/avg for the different bid types.
  • The above graphs showcase a trend line for the last 90 days to give an indication as to what the market is doing.
  • At the bottom of the page there are similar sales that were sold on AuctionsPlus that match the data entered for your stock.
  • This will give you an indication as to how similar the stock where and the price received.
  • Clicking on the lot number will open the full assessment as it was catalogued on AuctionsPlus for further information.