LivestockBI: Industry Indicators

Find all the information here about LivestockBI Industry Indicators.

  • Industry indictors allow you to keep track of MLA indicators to use in conjunction with the A+ indicators. There are the national indicators and then below there is state specific saleyard indicators.
  • Fill in the search filters at the top for your particular state and the time period you wish to return.
  • The above results show the national indicators for the different categories.
  • The line graph below logs all the above indicators to showcase trends and fluctuations during the timer period you selected
  • You can use the mouse to select time periods which zooms in on the graph for a deeper analysis.
  • It will also update the top indicators as it will change the time period.
  • To revert back to original filters double click on the graph.
  • Scrolling down further, the next set of indicators are for the state you selected at the top in your search filters
  • Then at the bottom of the page there is a graph for each saleyard in that state with a line graph.